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(2714 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver, BC) (behind the Biltmore Hotel at 12th & Kingsway)

INTRO (author unknown):

The new Glass Slipper opened on June 25, 1993 for the DuMaurier Jazz Festival after three months of extensive renovations to the original building.
This wood framed building was originally a church and dates back to the turn of the century.

Glass Slipper Long Time Ago

The Glass Slipper is operated by the Musart Cultural society, an artist-run, non-profit society.
The Glass Slipper has been supporting the creative arts community since it was founded by Roger Baird in 1988.

The renovations to the new location were accomplished by the hard work of a few dedicated volunteers.
Given the lack of funds available for the project it was nothing short of a miracle that everything was completed with such wonderful results.
Several companies generously supplied some of the materials.
Two plaques bearing the names of volunteers and corporate contributors are on display at the bar which was built by David Young.

The Slipper is an important cultural resource within the community and is unique in several aspects.
It is open five to seven nights a week with approximately seventy-five local groups enjoying regular exposure through their performances there.
Co-op radio sponsors a regular Sunday evening live broadcast from the Slipper. 
CBC radio has also done several live broadcasts.
For the last three years the Coastal Jazz and Blues Society has utilized the Slipper for the annual DuMaurier Jazz Festival in Vancouver for two
shows a night consisting of local and international performers.
The Slipper enjoys a great reputation locally and internationally among fans and performers of contemporary creative music making it the only
local venue in this field to put Vancouver on the world map.

The Slipper owes its existence to an unpaid staff consisting of board members and volunteers.
Roger Baird and Ralph Eppel (both composers, musicians and bandleaders) manage the Slipper.
The cover charge at the door is paid directly to the performers.
Rent and operational expenses come from membership monies and primarily the profit on refreshments.
Benefits are held once or twice a year to improve the facilities.
The Coastal Jazz and Blues Society, Pro Musica, the New Orchestra Workshop, the Little Chamber Music Series and Vancouver Community College
Music Department also use the Glass Slipper for programming.

The Slipper is well equipped as a performance venue, having a state-of-the-art sound system and a new six foot concert grand piano.

Note: Don had no notes for February and May 1994 due to health


The GLASS SLIPPER year 1994 included/saw the following:

Note: Don had no notes for February and May 1994 due to health

  • Musart Cultural Society” (my personal notes say they are a hard working caring Society+) (love and passion).
        Note: In January 1994 Don understood the 5 Board members to be:
    • Roger Baird, President
    • Tony Wilson/VP
    • Hsin Harker/VP
    • John Ferguson, Secretary
    • Ralph Eppel, Treasurer. 

      And Board concerns included:
    • Lights
    • Piano
    • Props
    • Sound System
    • and Stage.

  • Gypsalero” (Transports you back to another place and time, from czardas – gypsy jazz – hot club swing – rumba – tango – waltz) (my personal notes say they all make real music+).
    • One June group included: Ron Thompson/guitar – Brent Gubbels/bass – Budge Schachte/guitar) (Special Guests: Sal Ferreras/percussion – Marcelle Nokony/violin – Don Powrie/drums).
    • One June group included: Ron Thompson/guitar – Marc Rogers/bass – Budge Schachte/guitar – Craig Scott/drums – Jesse Zubot/violin.
    • One October group included: Ron Thompson/guitarist – Brent Gubbels/bass – John Reischman/mandolin wizard – Budge Schachte/guitar – Craig Scott/drums.
    • One December group included: Ron Thompson/guitar – Brent Gubbels/bass – Marcelle Nokony/violin – Budge Schachte/guitar (Special Guests: Lindsey Davis/vocals – Ellen Kennedy/vocals – John Reischman/mandolin).
Note: A friend of mine got Roger Baird’s written signature around July 1994, and it is now in my possession.

  • Pacific Bluegrass and Heritage Society” (Pacific Bluegrass/Pacific Bluegrass Society) (doing Jam, Jam & Open Stage, Open Stage, and Workshop) (my personal notes say they are a hard working caring Society+).
  • Singing for Suppers” (all proceeds go to the Vancouver Food Bank) (my personal notes say all are real quality singers+)
    • In 1994 some singers included: (Standard Changes) Coco Alcorn – Renee Doruyter – Cynthia Rose – Colleen Savage – Jennifer Scott and Christine Duncan/special guest (Glenna Powrie Trio).
    • In 1995 some singers included: (Standard Changes/jazz quintet) Renee Doruyter – Jennifer Foster – Cynthia Rose – Colleen Savage – Jennifer Scott and Steve Maddock/special guest (The Chris Sigerson Trio).
    • In 1996 some singers included: Jenny Emery – Lily Ann MacDonald – Cynthia Rose – Colleen Savage and Bonnie Ferguson/guest vocalist.
  • Vancouver Co-operative Radio CFRO
    • Co-op Radio/102.7 FM
    • live from the Glass Slipper
    • multi-cultural radio station
    • my personal notes say they are a hard working radio station+

More 1994:
(quartet = 4) (quintet = 5) (sextet = 6) (septet = 7) (octet = 8)

  • (Alan Matheson Septet/1996 includes: Alan – Craig – Dave – Julia – Namateet – Rob – Tony) (Al Matheson Septet/1994) (Al/Alan Matheson Big Band)
  • Alan Youngblood Quintet (Alan Youngblood & Glenna Powrie)
  • Anne Dyer Trio (from San Fran)
  • Bill Clark Sextet
  • Bill Horvitz Trio
  • Brad Muirhead Quintet
  • Brad Turner/Andre Lachance Quartet
  • Brian Harding Quartet
  • Bruce Freedman Quartet (may include: Bruce/sax – Andre/bass –
  • Dan/piano – Dylan/drums/1995) (Bruce Freedman Group)
  • Chad Makela Quintet
  • Charles Gayle Trio (from NYC)
  • Clint Sargent Quartet
  • Daryl Jahnke Quintet
  • Dennis Essen Quintet
  • Elaschuk/Say Quintet
  • Etienne Brachet Trio
  • Francois Bourassa Trio
  • Francois Houle Trio
  • Henry Boudin Trio
  • Hugh Fraser Trio (Hugh Fraser Quintet) (Hugh Fraser & the 13 piece VEJI Band)
  • Ian Coleman Quartet (Ian Coleman Quintet)
  • Jane Gowan Trio (Jane Gowan/John Roper)
  • Jeff Mahoney Quartet (Jeff Mahoney Quintet/1994 includes: Jeff – Ridley – Danny – Greg – John) (Jeff Mahoney & Emergence)
  • Jim Nolet Trio/Paul Plimley & Francois Houle
  • Joe Lovano Quartet
  • John Stech Quartet with Seamus Blake
  • Julian Priester & the John Hansen Trio
  • Karen Graves Quintet (Karen Graves Group)
  • Kerilie MacDowell Quartet
  • Len Aruliah Quartet
  • Miles Black Quartet
  • Miles Black/Sean Drabbit Quintet
  • Monique Nordine Quartet
  • NAFTA Ensemble
  • Paul Beckett Trio
  • Paul Dutton Ensemble
  • Peter MacDonald Quartet
  • Ralph Eppel Quartet (Ralph Eppel Quintet)
  • Ray Anderson Quartet
  • Ridley Vinson Quartet
  • Robert Dyck/Gary Wildeman Duo
  • Ron Thompson Quartet – MACH Benefit (Ron Thompson & Michael
  • Dunn – Tribute to Django)
  • Ross Taggart Trio (Ross Taggart Quartet)
  • Seamus Blake Quartet
  • Sean Drabitt Quartet
  • Splatter Duo with Paul Plimley
  • Stan Taylor Trio
  • Steve Lacy/Irene Aeby Duo
  • Talking Pictures/Stellar Sax Quartet
  • Terry Dean Quartet (Coco Alcorn with Terry Dean Quartet)
  • The Quartet
  • Tim Posgate Quartet (from Toronto)
  • Tony Wilson Sextet/Kate Hammett Vaughan was a guest (Bugs Inside with Tony Wilson) (Tony Wilson & the Ethnocentrics) (Tony Wilson & the Monkaholics) (Tony Wilson Septet – Duke Tribute)
  • VCC Jazz Bands (VCC Jazz Ensembles) (VCC Jazz Quintet)

More 1994:

  • Action Poets
  • Adel Awad’s 1001 Nights (Adel is a drummer) (middle eastern dance)
  • Alison Hogan – vocalist (Hogan sings Holiday/1996?)
  • Arabian Songs & Dance
  • Asza
  • Babkas
  • Balzac
  • Barry Livingston Group
  • Bernie Senensky/Gary Bartz
  • Bo:teki (African Sounds)
  • Bob Bell & Necropolis
  • Bongo Bob
  • Brass Roots
  • Bugs Inside (Bugs Inside with Tony Wilson)
  • Celtic Works
  • Chris Terry Group
  • Cineworks – Indie Filmmakers (Cineworks Independent Filmmakers)
  • Cineworks – Van. Filmmakers
  • Circle of Voices
  • Claude Ranger & Dave Say
  • Co-op Radio Benefit
  • Coat Cooke & the Evolution
  • Coco Alcorn (Coco Love Alcorn) (Coco Alcorn & Friends) (Coco Alcorn with Terry Dean Quartet)
  • Dizzy Reece (from NYC)
  • Djole with Neil Golden (world music)
  • Drum Prayers
  • Earl Peach and Friends
  • 88 Madness – Great Jazz Piano! (88 Madness Piano Benefit)
  • Emergence
  • Emmanuel Thanka
  • Fear of Drinking
  • Fifth Avenue
  • Flowers for Albert
  • Fort Worth Travelogue
  • Garbo’s Hat
  • Glass Eyes – Vancouver Cineworks
  • Glenna Powrie (from NYC)
  • Gregg Simpson/West Coast Modernists
  • Guilt Edged Blonde
  • Human Feel
  • Hammerschlag/Samworth Group
  • Ian McIntosh
  • Ihiala/African Sounds (Kwasi & Ogedengbe Drummers & Ihiala/African Show & Dance Party)
  • Impromptu Jazz Ensemble
  • International Jazz Festival
  • Jennifer Scott
  • Joe Bjornson Band
  • John Tchicai & the Archetypes
  • Kane/Taylor Explosion
  • Kate Loves Cole
  • Keypoints
  • Koch, Schultz, Studer, NOW Orchestra
    Korby Layker
  • Kwasi (Kwasi & the Ogedengbe Drums) (Kwasi & Ogedengbe Drummers) (Kwasi & Ogedengbe Drummers & Ihiala/African Show & Dance Party)
  • Len Aruliah Group
  • Little Chamber Music Series
  • Lorne Etkin & Friends
  • Maya (Sounds of India) (Maya Sounds of India)
  • McPhee, Ellis, Baird (International Jazz Festival)
  • Moreen Meriden
  • N.O.W. Orchestra (Koch, Schultz, Studer, NOW Orchestra)
  • Out of the Woods
  • Patacumpa
  • Plimley/Baird with Elyra Campbell
  • Plimley, Ellis, Baird (International Jazz Festival)
  • Primal Orbit
  • Rain Forest Benefit
  • Rhumba Calzada
  • Roger Baird and/& MuseArt (Ed Powell & Roger Baird/Sitar/Tabla)
  • Ron Samworth
  • Ron Thompson & Michael Dunn – Tribute to Django
  • Saul Berson Group (Quartet included: Saul Berson/alto sax – Dan Parker/bass – Dylan van der Schyff/drums – Tony Wilson/guitar)
  • Say/Wiertz Project
  • Shango Ashe
  • Shelley Livingstone/Paul Townsend
  • Slipsinc 5
  • Sound and Fury
  • Steve Fisk (Steve Fisk & Freeplay)
  • Strange Weather
  • Stratochiefs (The Stratochiefs)
  • Sylvia Zaradic & Friends
  • Takeo Yamashiro/Themba Tana & Friends
  • Talking Pictures
  • Tar-Zen
  • Tarig Abubakar & Afro-nubians
  • The Larks
  • Time Flies
  • Tongue of the Slip
  • Traditions with Patrick Ezeadi
  • Troy Grugett
  • Tsimmes
  • Vancouver Cineworks
  • Words & Music (included: Dave Say/saxophone – Ralph Eppel/trombone – Roger Baird/drums – Tony Wilson/guitar)


The GLASS SLIPPER year 1995 included/saw the following:

Note: Don had no notes for August 1995 due to health
  • Gypsalero” (Transports you back to another place and time, from czardas – gypsy jazz – hot club swing – rumba – tango – waltz) (Django Festival: Gypsalero/guests)
        (included: Ron Thompson/guitar – Brent Gubbels/bass – Budge Schachte/guitar – Craig Scott/drums – Jesse Zubot/violin)
  • Musart Cultural Society” (hard working caring Society+).
  • Pacific Bluegrass Society/Pacific Bluegrass” (hard working caring Society+) (doing Jam, Open Stage, and Workshop) (Sweetheart Serenade) (Women in Bluegrass) (Workshop – Song Swap) (Banjo Workshop) (Crescent Ranch) (Dan Crary) (Allouette River Band) (AGM & Jam) (hotline 322-1480)
  • Singing for Suppers” (FoodBank Benefit) (all proceeds go to the Vancouver Food Bank) (my personal notes say all are real quality singers+) In 1995 some singers included: (Standard Changes/jazz quintet) Renee Doruyter – Jennifer Foster – Cynthia Rose – Colleen Savage – Jennifer Scott and Steve Maddock/special guest (The Chris Sigerson Trio)(Standard Changes – Singing for Suppers)
  • Co-op/Co-op Radio/102.7 FM” (hard working radio station+) (LIVE! from the Glass Slipper) (Co-op Radio Winter Waltz Finale)

More 1995:
(quartet = 4) (quintet = 5) (sextet = 6) (septet = 7) (octet = 8)

  • Add Trio
  • Alan Matheson Big Band with Phil Nimmons (Glass Slipper Benefit with Al Matheson+)
  • Brad Muirhead Quintet
  • Brad Turner Quartet (Bebop & Destruction with the Brad Turner Quartet) (SKYWALK with Brad Turner solo piano)
  • Bruce Freedman Quartet (The Bruce Freedman Quartet) (Bruce Freedman/soprano saxophone – Andre Lachance/bass – Dan Graham/piano – Dylan van der Schyff/drums)
  • Bruno Hubert Trio
  • Chris Sigurson Trio
  • Darcy Hepner Quartet
  • from NYC: Charles Gayle Trio
  • from New York City: Matt Jorgensen Quartet
  • from Seattle: Bebop & Destruction with the Brad Turner Quartet
  • Graham Andrews Band
  • Ian Coleman Quartet
  • Impromptu Jazz Ensemble
  • Jeff Mahoney Quartet (Jeff Mahoney’s Little Big Band)
  • Joe Bjornson Band
  • John Doheny Quintet
  • Jon Roper Quartet
  • Ken Aldcroft Trio (Ken Aldcroft Quartet)
  • Kerilee McDowall Quartet
  • Kevin Elaschuk Quintet
  • Lily Ann MacDonald Sextet
  • Mark Nodwell Quartet
  • Namateet Quartet
  • Nick Riebeck Quintet
  • Ralph Eppel Quintet
  • Ridley Vinson Quartet
  • Rudy Petschauer/Jill McCarron Octet
  • Saul Berson Quartet
  • Sean Bray Quartet
  • Sean Drabitt Quartet
  • Stephan Bauer Quartet
  • Tony Wilson Sextet (Tony Wilson Septet)
  • VCC Jazz Ensemble Concerts (VCC Jazz Choirs & Orchestra)

More 1996:

  • Arabian Nights with Mohammed
  • Asza
  • Barshi/Kuma/Arnesen
  • Billy Cowsill (folk)
  • Bluebird North
  • Bo: Teki
  • Bobby Taylor/Henry Young
  • Bobby Wiseman
  • Celso Machado
  • Celtic Works
  • Christian Ecoude
  • Cineworks Independent Filmmakers (Cineworks – Vancouver Filmmakers)
  • Coco Alcorn
  • Corin Corschellas & the Recyclers
  • Cosmic Journey with Ray Fuse
  • Culture Shock
  • Dave Douglas String Group
  • Django Mini-Fest with Ron Thompson
  • Douglas College Night Band
  • Eddie Prevost & Paul Plimley
  • Elizabeth Fischer Group
  • Ellen Kennedy & Ron Thompson
  • Elyra Campbell Group
  • Ethnocentrics
  • Fantazea
  • from LA: Dave Scott/Tony Malaby
  • from Oregon: Margaret Slovak
  • from Seattle: Beth Winter
  • from Seattle: Toby Schneider
  • Fortworth Travelogue
  • Glass Slipper Benefit with Al Matheson+
  • Global Spirit
  • Harold Arlen Tribute with Koralee Tonack
  • Hogan sings Holiday
  • Hugh Fraser, Brad Turner, Bruno Hubert and Friends
  • Ian Craig Group
  • Intimate Eve with Gail Bowen/Michael Creber
  • Jesse Jane
  • John Sobol’s Action Poetry Cabaret
  • Karen Graves Group
  • Kate Hammett-Vaughan
  • Kwasi’s 100 drummers jamboree
  • Macedonian Mazl’tov
  • MetroGnomes
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Nancy King with Chris Nelson, John Stowell
  • Out of the Woods
  • Pan-Opti-Con (in August)
  • Pan-Optic-Con (in September)
  • Pastime with Good Company
  • Pearl Django
  • Rainforest at the Slipper – COOP benefit
  • Relish and Aimless
  • Renee Doruyter CD Release/Birthday
  • Rhumba Calzada
  • Rob Wilson & Time Waits (folk)
  • Roger Baird & MuseArt (included: Roger Baird/percussion – Jim Munro/violin – Peggy Lee/cello – Stu Brinton/saxophone)
  • Salsa Brava
  • Scott, Duncan and Gunn
  • Shelly Livingstone
  • Sherri D. Wilson
  • Ship of Fools cd release party
  • SKYWALK with Brad Turner solo piano
  • SKYWALK with Paul Plimley solo piano
  • Slipper Jam Night (Slipper Jam Night – Musicians Welcome) (Slipper Jam – all musicians welcome) (Slipper Jam Session – all musicians welcome)
  • Sludge 2000
  • Soul Crib
  • Straight from the Kitchen (folk)
  • Strange Angels (folk)
  • Sumako featuring Suzanne DuPlessis (Sumako with Suzanne DuPlessis)
  • Susan Everett Group
  • Talking Pictures
  • Tamarack
  • The Stratochiefs
  • Theatre-in-the-Raw
  • Themba Tana and Friends (Themba Tana’s “an African Night”)
  • Tim Williams (folk)
  • Time Waits
  • Time Wrap
  • Tippy Agogo/Ian McIntosh
  • to *PER*FORM performance art evening
  • Tom Lavin & Powder Blues
  • Tongue of the Slip
  • Vancouver International Jazz Orchestra Workshop ’96 (VIJOW)
  • VIJOW ’96 Classical & New
  • VIJOW ’96 Improvising
  • VIJOW ’96 Jazz Orchestra
  • VIJOW ’96 Afro-Latin
  • VIJOW ’96 Muhal Richard Abrams
  • Verna Chan
  • Walter Zuber Armstrong
  • William O. Smith/Francois Houle/Michael Bisio/Ed Pias
  • Women in Jazz

The bottom line:

I didn’t know culture was this much fun!

(author unknown/written by August 1996):
No such thing as Canadian culture?
Don’t bet on it!
The Glass Slipper has been supporting the creative music community since 1988, as a venue for live performance and rehearsal.
Operated by Musart Cultural Society, an artist-run, non-profit society, the Slipper also supports the other contemporary arts: poetry, film, dance and the visual arts.
In the 8 years the Slipper has been around a diverse wealth of talent has enriched the lives of audiences.
The Slipper has provided that rare space where artistic freedom is encouraged.
Artists are able to share their vision with audiences in a constantly evolving fashion.
From improvised cutting edge to music from around the world along with jazz, new music and classical, there are always new sounds to uplift, liberate, challenge and enthrall.
Co-op Radio (102.7FM) broadcasts live on Sunday evenings.
Coastal Jazz and blues Society, New Orchestra Workshop, Pacific Bluegrass & Heritage Society, Cineworks Independent Filmmakers, Vancouver Community College and
Capilano Community College Music Departments also use the Slipper for events.
Founder, percussionist/improvisor Roger Baird has managed and programmed the Slipper since its inception along with co-manager trombonist/composer Ralph Eppel.
The dedication of board members, management and especially the crew of wonderful volunteers make the whole operation possible.
The extensive renovations to the turn-of-the-century church that houses the Glass Slipper have made it into the finest intimate venue in town for enjoying music.
Please check us out and get some culture at the same time.
Bring a friend.
We’re here for you and would love to see you grow with us!

The DEVASTATING Glass Slipper FIRE (by Don):

NOTE 1: Don knew the fire to be a tragic loss for innumerable persons, and changed many lives forever!
As we go into the future, kindly do what you can to support the many artists, composers, musicians, performers, singers, songwriters, etc.
Do not forget to also appreciate the donors, fans, managers, members, sponsors, and very caring volunteers.

The GLASS SLIPPER was deliberately burned down on December 20, 1996
Among the many costly, valuable things destroyed were the very costly grand piano and the costly sound system, etc., Etc., ETC.

The Vancouver ECHO newspaper on Wednesday, January 8, 1997 had a Mike Bell story titled: “Arsonist turns up heat, shatters Glass Slipper

The Vancouver Courier newspaper on Sunday, January 12, 1997 had a Fiona Hughes story titled: “Jazzy Slipper hopes to rise from ashes

A benefit is held at the W.I.S.E. on January 17, 1997 (9 pm) featuring Christine Duncan, joined by Dave Robbins/drums, Ken Lister/bass, Miles Black/piano.

A big Glass Slipper “Fire Benefit” is held at the Vogue Theatre on Sunday, February 9, 1997 (6 pm) featuring these caring, loving, outgoing persons/groups (plus many, many others):
    Celso Machado
    Christine Duncan
    Coco Alcorn
    Jennifer Scott
    Kate Hammett-Vaughn
    Michael Malcolm
    Brad Turner Quartet
    Gypsalero with John Reischman
    Sal Ferraras & Friends
    Spontaneous Combustion (improvisation)
    Art Auction
    Live Painters
    plus Surprise Guests
    Vogue Theatre
    Coastal Jazz and Blues Society
    Creative Lighting
    Georgia Straight
    Rocky Mountain Sound
    all Performers
    all Volunteers
NOTE 2: Don found himself crying and rather emotional over the real loss of the Glass Slipper!
His hopes for it to be repaired, rebuilt, and reopened in Vancouver, BC were never realized.

NOTE 3: Don has seen too many precious music venues come and go between the 1960’s and to date.
There have been too many arsons, fires, suspected arsons, and suspicious blazes over the years.
If you know what the authorities and media do not know, please contact them NOW.
The Glass Slipper will be sorrily missed by innumerable people.

NOTE 4: Don hears well meaning persons with no end of suggestions for music venues!
Despite lots of red tape and many roadblocks, persons have suggested that we could “arrange” to make use of:
    Community Centres
    Fire Halls