About us

bcmusic-logoB.C. Music Industry Foundation and Museum (online)
Vancouver, BC

 We are called and known as “B.C. Music” (Trade Mark)

  • B.C. Music Board President: Don
  • B.C. Music Board Vice-President: Larry
  • B.C. Music Board Secretary: Mabel
  • B.C. Music Public Relations: Steve
  • B.C. Music Researcher: Khanh

B.C. Music is 100% volunteer run, and these people are very caring and passionate about the music of British Columbia.

Kindly contact us with helpful, positive comments, including corrections, errors, omissions, or suggestions please.
Our Board Members, Staff, and Volunteers are very low profile, preferring to put the focus and spotlight on the “B.C. Music Hall of Fame.” (online)

Recommendations and submissions may be made to: “B.C. Music Hall of Fame Committee.”

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